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Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is a relatively new technology, having been used as a praise survey instrument only since 1998. Now it is quickly becoming the new industry standard as a way to make very accurate measurements in complicated environments.


We employ several drafting programs and other software packages including Autocad 3D, IntelliCad, Carlson SW; Terramodel, Maptitude, Corpscon, Vertcon, Cyclone, Cloudwoks and MS Office. The main office is equipped with a network, computer systems, a full complement of printers, plotters, copiers, and email access to all employees.


Thornton Land Surveying has a capacity to operate three crews and regularly engages GPS, robotic, and conventional surveying tools as well as state-of-the-art laser scanning.

close-up of theodolite measuring system or surveying engineering

Laser Scanning

Standard Boundary Survey

Aquatic Services

Boundary Line Adjustment

FEMA Elevation Certificate

Forensic Boundary Survey

Indian Trust and Tribal Land Surveys

BIM and 3D Scanning and Modeling

Land Segregation and Subdivision

Construction Services

Topographic Mapping

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